How to park a scooter in Barcelona


Written by Jaime Arribas Leal

for YEGO

Written by Jaime Arribas Leal

for YEGO

Yes, we already know that it is very tempting to leave the bike on the pavement next to the others, assuming that they are all well parked: there are so many bikes here, surely it’s okay, right? Well, yes… or no. It depends. The regulations are strict, and the tow truck never takes a break. Here is a complete guide so you can learn how and where to park a scooter in Barcelona and avoid those dreaded fines.

Rule number one: Don’t trust the other bikes

It’s easy to think that if there are motorbikes parked on the pavement and the tow truck hasn’t taken them, it means they won’t take ours either. Big mistake. The Guardia Urbana patrols the city day and night looking for poorly parked motorcycles, so don’t make their work too easy and make sure you park in a permitted spot.

Where you CAN park

The easiest, most practical solution: park on the road in the designated motorcycle spots (the parallel lines running diagonally from the pavement). You can park here as long as there’s no signs saying otherwise. It is common to see temporary signs in the streets of Barcelona for a marathon, a film shoot, an apartment move, etc., so always check before parking. And the most important thing: you must park between the two parallel lines, you can’t leave it on the side just because the other spots are taken.

And on roads with a white/blue/green/yellow line?

The lines parallel to the pavement are exclusively for cars. For example, you can’t park your bike between two cars or next to a container just because there’s plenty of space. The bike can only be parked on the road in the specific areas for this, including some triangular areas where it says MOTOS on the ground. It’s easy, right?

The big issue: Can you park your scooter on the pavement in Barcelona?

The answer is not simple. It is possible, but there are lots of limitations. The most obvious problem: there’s no sign that prohibits parking. There are times when these signs are slightly hidden or a few metres away from where we want to leave the bike, so look around before parking your bike on the pavement.

¿Can I park on a pedestrian street? No, não, nein, no way!

Unless there is a specific sign in the form of lines on the ground, the bike cannot be parked on a pedestrianised street, neither in the road area nor on the pavement. There are lots of these streets in neighbourhoods like Gràcia and the Ciutat Vella, and it’s common to see other motorcycles parked there. We know it’s easy to fall into temptation, but never leave your bike parked on a pedestrian street.

Are there any other rules for parking on the pavement?

Bearing in mind the rules already mentioned – and unless a sign indicates otherwise – these are the conditions for parking a bike on the pavement in Barcelona.

• If the pavement is less than 3 metres wide, you CANNOT park there.

•  If the pavement is between 3 and 6 metres wide, you must park parallel to the pavement, leaving half a metre of distance from the curb.

• If the pavement is more than 6 metres wide, you can park diagonally, leaving more than 3 metres of free passage and 50 centimetres from the curb.

• Do NOT obstruct containers, benches or litter bins.

• You may NOT park within 2 metres of pedestrian crossings or bus stops.

We know it’s not easy to remember all this. When in doubt, always park in a dedicated motorcycle spot (unless there is a sign saying otherwise). Fines for poor parking can be as much as several hundred euros depending on the severity, so don’t risk it. Most importantly, remember that the rules are there for a good reason: to improve mobility and achieve a fairer use of public space.

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