Meet the Yegers: Elio Martínez, Operations Manager at YEGO


Written by YEGO Team – Barcelona

YEGO Motor Club

Elio is one of our oldest Yegers. He joined YEGO in 2018 as Operations Manager for Valencia’s city.  He describes the company as a great opportunity to grow professionally, he is now Operations Manager for the Spanish market. 

With his YEGO’s shirt and comfortable pants, Elio starts his day by having a coffee with his team. Today he tells us a little more about himself and what he does at YEGO. Let’s meet him!

1. A little bird told us that you’re one of the oldest employees at YEGO… Can you tell us how you ended up working here?

Before joining YEGO, my professional career had always been linked to logistics and transport team management at international companies. I was living in Zaragoza when I realised I wanted to get to know the startup world, and I wanted to do it in a project which would have a positive impact on society. Then I found a Linkedln job offer for YEGO Valencia… I applied and two months later, I was living on the Mediterranean coast.

2. What was your first job at YEGO? What’s your current job?

I joined Yego as Ops manager Valencia. Currently I am Ops manager Spain.

As Operations manager Spain, I’m involved in different areas such as team management, finance and data collection. 


• Team: Everything related to the management of managers of the 4 Spanish cities, and two managers of the customer experience department. This includes selection, onboarding, training and monitoring their development within the company.

• Finance: Controlling and monitoring our economic commitment and budgets set by city and departments.

• Activity management: Coordination of the implementation of new processes in the management of daily operations and monitoring the results.

3. What’s your typical day like?

I get up around 7:30. While having a coffee I check my messages/emails from my colleagues, and have a look at the previous day’s results from our cities.

I check the scheduled meetings I have, and organise the rest of the time between working on the projects we have underway, and talking to the people in my team.

4. Regarding your position as Operations Manager: As you analyse current processes, what information do you look at? How do you identify problems and solutions?

To analyse a process, I take 4 points into account:


• Efficiency: do we invest the right amount of energy to achieve the best result?

• Quality: Does this process allow us to achieve an excellent result?

• Team: Does it have a positive impact on the team?

• Impact: Which impact does it have on our users?


If any of these points are not met, we’ll be able to identify problems and come up with solutions among the team. The main thing in any process is to realise that there is something that can be improved.

The main thing in any process is to realise that there is something that can be improved

5. When efficiency and productivity increase, how does YEGO ensure that the quality is maintained?

We have KPI’s evaluating the quality of the work done by the team. The manager is the one who checks the monthly data with each member of his team, in order to jointly establish action plans if the result is not as expected.

6. How do you motivate your team?

This is not an easy question to answer. 


Everyone is motivated for different reasons. However, we can follow a few steps:


• Get to know the person, understand what part of his or her job he or she likes the most.

• Make them responsible for a clear perimeter (if possible, taking into account their preferences).

• Give regular feedback on their work.

• Celebrate their successes.

7. We know that you also work as Customer Experience Manager. Could you tell us one special request you got from YEGO’s users?

The truth is that we receive all kinds of requests. I remember one of our users who contacted us because he wanted to come to his wedding riding YEGO. We prepared a scooter especially for the occasion, and we got some very nice pictures of that day 😉

8. What do you think was your most successful project at YEGO?

It’s not a project itself, but it is part of my work. The greatest success has been to accompany the growth of the company with internal promotions in my team.

The greatest success has been to accompany the growth of the company with internal promotions in my team

9. Tell us something we don’t know about the beginnings of YEGO!

At the Valencia opening, we suffered a delay in the arrival of the scooters. This forced us to improvise to find a way to occupy our team’s time. We became painters, decorators… in short, we created our workplace from scratch. This helped us feel at home from day one.

10. Which are the challenges facing the mobility sector in your opinion?

In my opinion, the challenges for mobility are as follows:


• To be more democratic: accessible to everyone, everywhere.

•To be more sustainable: Having less impact on the environment.

• To be smarter: through mobility on demand, adapting to users’ needs and reducing traffic congestion.